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This is a very common question I receive when couples or parties in a matter come to me for a consultation. What is fair is 100% up to the parties. As a mediator, I am a neutral third-party facilitator who is there to facilitate and clear away the barriers and underlying issues so that there can be an agreement that both sides can live with not only now but also in the future. Everything that goes into the final agreement is what the parties want and nobody knows what is best for them, their financial future and their children but...Read More

Truth or Myth: Having Your Day in Court Gets You the Results You Want

There is no guarantee what the result will be if your divorce gets decided in court. The judge will make a decision based upon the law ONLY – without taking into consideration any of the specific needs or preferences of either party. It is a gamble since you cannot be guaranteed any particular outcome – because you have no control over the process. Having your “day in court” sounds like an empowering experience, yet it is actually an exercise in surrendering control over your own life. Instead of being able to advocate for yourself, it is your lawyer who speaks...Read More

What’s In It For Me Now?

Separation and divorce are very emotional issues. The process can be painful, but choosing mediation over litigation brings with it benefits that are immediately felt by both parties. My method begins with the philosophy that mediation is a Win-Win process and that the goal is to reach a settlement which allows couples to move on with their lives – without either one feeling like they’ve lost something, or missed out on something. For example: When a person engages his or her spouse in mediation, he or she will often report a sense of empowerment that is absent from the old...Read More

Why Spend $320,000.00 on a Divorce?

To this day it still amazes me that couples automatically think they have to get an attorney when going through the divorce process. They are misinformed by attorneys who tell them they this is the only option. I received a phone call from a potential client last week. She has been in litigation for about two (2) years and has spent just on her attorney $160,000.00 and it is still going on. Just now, the judge advised her and her husband to mandatory mediation. REALLY? This is the family court system. She cannot believe and is now upset that she...Read More