Pillars of Excellence

Creative Resolutions


Knowledge and skills to properly prepare and implement a mediation plan of action are key elements of the services provided by Creative Resolutions. The staff at Creative Resolutions are diligent in their preparation and operational controls are put into place to ensure that clients receive quality service that address their specific needs. Their preparation includes the defining of mediation methodologies that would best address the needs of clients.


The staff at Creative Resolutions act as mediation leaders, and provide support for clients as they grow and learn as a result of the mediation process. By promoting a positive attitude on the part of all parties involved in the mediation process, there occurs the facilitation of growth and learning in the attainment of amicable outcomes for all parties.


Adhering to standard moral practices throughout Creative Resolutions’ business operations is at the core of what it means to be ethical. In this regard, Creative Resolutions is committed to providing quality services at reasonable prices, and ensuring 100% confidentiality before, during and after the completion of the mediation process.


Creative Resolutions strives to acknowledge and understand different cultures, religions and beliefs during the mediation process. It is this consideration for all aspects of diversity that underscores Creative Resolutions’ value of respect.


The staff at Creative Resolutions have extensive backgrounds in helping people resolve personal disputes without going through the cost and time of the litigation process. The professional backgrounds of staff include credentialed education in the mediation/conflict resolution field as well as continuing education and certification in related disciplines. Through the accumulation of knowledge, the staff at Creative Resolutions provides valued information that is specific to clients; whether individuals, businesses or nonprofit organizations.