What’s In It For Me Now?

Separation and divorce are very emotional issues. The process can be painful, but choosing mediation over litigation brings with it benefits that are immediately felt by both parties.

My method begins with the philosophy that mediation is a Win-Win process and that the goal is to reach a settlement which allows couples to move on with their lives – without either one feeling like they’ve lost something, or missed out on something.

For example:

When a person engages his or her spouse in mediation, he or she will often report a sense of empowerment that is absent from the old way of divorcing through the courts.

Interim agreements – like who gets the children for the holidays or who takes the children to school in the morning – can be decided without having to go to court and conform to a judge’s calendar.

Trained mediators do not direct the conversation. Instead, we focus on clearing barriers. That means you get to talk about what is important to you from the “get-go,” without time-consuming correspondences between the opposing attorneys.

By agreeing to work together instead of being adversaries, couples can finish their divorce in a much shorter time frame.

For many, the bottom line is the bottom line. The mediation process costs a small fraction of litigation.

And while there are plenty of immediate advantages to choosing mediation, it is also helpful to anticipate where this journey will lead you in the long run:

Increased adherence to the agreement after the divorce is finalized;
Better post-divorce relations between former spouses;
Agreements that will stand the test of time;

If you and your spouse have decided to separate or divorce, the benefits of the non-adversarial route are yours for the taking, and I am happy to help you take advantage of them. With my partners at The Goodman Law Firm, we can provide you with a one-stop resource for everything from the negotiations to the final divorce agreement.