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  • “Thank you so much, Jeff Bloom. You have made this stressful process as easy and affordable as possible. You were helpful, informative, and reliable. I would recommend you to anybody who is looking to make a difficult life-changing process as simple as it gets. You have not only helped me but my family and providing us with the best solution. Thanks again !!”

    – SMR

    “I leaned a lot from this event. Especially for a person that has to overcome anxiety and depression. This helped me a lot because now I know that I am not the only one with problems in life. I know now that people face things like I do. I also know that I am not alone and I can go to anyone for help. This was a great experience, it gave me more hope and motivation to do things. Thank you, Thank you, thank you for this!”

    – Jasmine

    “I enjoyed this program. I got a lot out of it & took so much into consideration! This program should go everywhere! Kids need to understand all of this! Honestly, people out in the world are so cruel now and we all need to be prepared for the harshness that’s gonna hit us. I feel so lucky to experience this program! Thank you! I appreciate you so much. ”

    – Dylan

    “Thank you for opening my eye up and encouraging me to be better. Thank you for helping me realize that I am worth much more than I thought I was. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity and I will continue to spread what I have learned here today to others.”

    – Melanie

    “I needed an innovative solution to a problem that is typically faced by Realtors, real estate lawyers and other real estate professionals. I was impressed by their collaborative approach to creating new and effective solutions.”

    – Matthew R.

    “Thank you Jeff for taking the time to meet Keith and I last night. You made a difficult situation a little bit easier. I know you deal with all different types of couples and situations and I can tell you are very good at what you do.”

    – BM

    “Mr. Jeffrey Bloom is an outstanding and a professional mediator who understands how to settle contentious situations. His passion has motivated me to file my matrimonial case with him. I have confidence with Mr. Bloom handling my case. His talents are exceptional, which makes him extremely different and extremely competent. “

    – Jenny M.

    “Mr. Bloom was excellent I would recommend anybody I know to him. Thanks for making this as painless as could be.”

    – Lucille D.

    “You are a vital part of our community. Your contribution and dedication to the development of our scholars is greatly appreciated!”

    – T. Holloway, Academy Charter School, Hempstead, NY

    “That you are not only cost effective, but you are competent and extremely helpful and caring.”

    – Theresa B.

    “Jeff you did a wonderful job!! …Very reliable and always prompt getting back to the client.”

    – Maria R.

    “My experience with Mr. Jeffrey Bloom has been spectacular. He is a great listener, caring, respectful, and he understands and making sure he follows up with me at all times. I will recommend my friends or anyone who needs help. He is great at what he does.”

    – Jenny M.

    “I really appreciate all your hard work for us. You guys did an excellent job and it was worth the money spent.”

    – Yasuko C.

    “My wife of 12 years and I recently decided to separate. Most of our assets were shared, and we also have one child who is 7 years old. Not wanting to pour countless money into legal representation fees, we decided mediation would be the best route.”

    – MHM419

    “Divorce is never something that is easy but Jeff Bloom made the whole process simple and explained everything thoroughly. Any question(s) I had throughout this process were consistently answered right away. I was very happy with the results and I would highly recommend Jeff for anyone going through this process.”

    – Sean N.

    After my husband and I decided to a No-Fault divorce, I was unsure how to begin but I knew for certain that I wanted this to be quick and as painless as possible. Luckily we were referred to Jeffrey Bloom. His responsiveness and clear communication really helped us move through the steps swiftly. I appreciated how he kept us both in the loop via emails regarding what was happening with the court and our paperwork and what steps were necessary on our part. All very clear. Overall, Jeffrey’s attention helped to make this difficult part of my life stress free. To be assured and stress free was worth every dollar spent.

    – M. Lockwood

    “My wife and I had been married for over 33 years and were looking for the easiest way possible to get divorced so that we could move forward with our lives. Jeffrey was very patient with the both of us and while we were both amicable on most issues, there were times we did not and could not agree on some very important issues. Jeffrey was able to help us get through this process and at the end we had an agreement in place that we were both happy with and it was something we could both live with moving forward with our lives. I would highly recommend Jeffrey Bloom as a professional mediator to help people work through their issues.”

    – A.S.

    “I hired Jeffrey to assist with my home health aide agency. He worked as a consultant and assisted in putting together a system to ensure compliance issues with Department of Labor and HIPPA compliance issues. In addition, he was instrumental in rewriting policies and procedures as well as the employee handbook. Jeffrey worked with me in developing an employee incentive program, which was instrumental in reducing the high turnover rate of the home health aides, while at the same time having the ability to retain qualified aides in the future. My company/organization now has a plan of action to follow in moving forward and expanding in the future.”

    – Right-At-Home, Home Care
  • “On behalf of the faculty and administration at Concord Law School, I wanted to send you a message expressing my deepest gratitude for your assistance with helping us develop ADR-related content for our new Family Law Practicum course. This course is an integral part of our effort to make our program of legal education even more relevant to students and to what is needed in the legal profession today, and your contribution to the course brings a level of depth that we could not have achieved without your expertise. Thank you again for your participation in this exciting endeavor. I look forward to being able to share more successes at Concord as we strive to shape the future of legal education.”
    – Martin Pritikin, Dean and Vice President,
    Concord Law School at Kaplan University

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