Why Spend $320,000.00 on a Divorce?

To this day it still amazes me that couples automatically think they have to get an attorney when going through the divorce process. They are misinformed by attorneys who tell them they this is the only option.

I received a phone call from a potential client last week. She has been in litigation for about two (2) years and has spent just on her attorney $160,000.00 and it is still going on.

Just now, the judge advised her and her husband to mandatory mediation. REALLY?

This is the family court system. She cannot believe and is now upset that she could have saved all this money from the start if she had at least attempted mediation in the beginning.

People should have all the facts and know all their options prior to making such an important decision. While all cases are not or should not be mediated the same goes for litigation. Generally, your attorney has no benefit to settle your case as that would greatly reduce his/her fee especially when there are significant assets which would be revealed upon providing your attorney with a net worth statement.

Divorce mediation average cost is less than $6,000.00 TOTAL…sometimes maybe closer to $10,000.00 total if there is need for experts and evaluators or other professionals. Even if it is $20,000.00 I think that is better than paying $320,000.00 in total, but I could be wrong.