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Mediation – ‘The Problem is the Solution’

Mediation is a process. As long as two or more people are willing to sit down and discuss important issues then mediation is possible. It is important to disclose all issue, problems and concerns so that the process or working out a solution that all parties are comfortable with is possible. What started out a a problem, issue or list of problems actually becomes the topic of detailed discussion and results in a settlement that all parties can live with. Jeffrey M. Bloom, Mediator http://www.mymediationservices.comRead More

Mediation Works!

It is interesting observing couples when they start the mediation process seem like they can barely sit in the same room together much less agree on anything of significance. However, soon afterwards in the second or third session, they are both on the same page and working together to agree on what is important in moving forward with whatever issues need to be addresses. Jeffrey M. Bloom, MediatorRead More