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Ombudsman Consultants

It is becoming increasingly clear, year after year of the awareness of the costs involved in settling disputes. Both smaller companies and individuals in conflict and larger companies and corporations are looking for alternatives to litigating their issues. No matter the size of the conflict the costs can be enormous and can run the business into the ground.

As in mediation services, there are viable expedient and closer to the source solutions that can be had through the anonymous efforts of an ombudsman.

Protecting employers from unfair practices, are also employees being repressed or in the middle of whistleblowers claims from being threatened by the perpetrators of unethical practices inside the company. The ombudsman, is a highly effective preventative measure to companies at large.

Ombudsman Consultants prepares companies to handle disputes effectively for all concerned. We enhance the workplace by advancing cooperation skills, helping companies create solutions that employees can own, and therefore be more directly effective.

Ombudsman Consultants assist and balance difficulties with minimal intervention thus drastically reducing the financial impact of settling disputes.

Our participation includes the following services;

  • Evaluating and rewriting company policies and employee handbooks;
  • Training for executives and company employees in leadership, organization and time management;
  • Evaluate issues in regards to employee turnover rates, unproductive employees and streamlining the process to find more efficient ways to reach the desired goals that fit with the companies mission statement;
  • Evaluate and assist with compliance issues, and provide plans and solutions before they can become problems.
  • Create linkable pathways that assign responsibilities for employer/employee relations.

Ombudsman Consultants will come to your office for a free consultation and put together a seamless plan of action that works for your organization. We help regenerate the employer/employee machine to move forward efficiently and effectively. We put in place a real-time plan of action and follow up program, that releases the “workman principle” within your company as originally intended.


I hired Jeffrey to assist with my home health aide agency. He worked as a consultant and assisted in putting together a system to ensure compliance issues with Department of Labor and HIPPA compliance issues. In addition, he was instrumental in rewriting policies and procedures as well as the employee handbook. Jeffrey worked with me in developing an employee incentive program, which was instrumental in reducing the high turnover rate of the home health aides, while at the same time having the ability to retain qualified aides in the future. My company/organization now has a plan of action to follow in moving forward and expanding in the future.

-Right-At-Home, Home Care